The following information is historical only. I received email on Tue Jan 23 23:57:45 PST 2001 from the newish owner of Seems they have redone the place a bit differently, and the folks at A.S.R would be proud.
It has come to our attention that there is another net entity out there that goes under the name of, with the following information:
   8001 Castor Avenue Ste. 127
   Philadelphia, PA 19152

   Domain Name: NETSCUM.NET

   Administrative Contact:
Fax- 215-628-9762
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Wallace, Sanford  (SW1708)  domreg@CYBERPROMO.COM
   Billing Contact:
Fax- 215-628-9762

   Record last updated on 01-May-97.
   Record created on 01-May-97.
   Database last updated on 23-May-97 04:44:05 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at for MILNET Information.

We would like to point out that we are not them.

Further, if you were to visit their website (We're sorry, but we don't want to make it easy, we don't like them.) you will find that they are rather snotty people.

I find the un-documented name-calling and labelling that they engage in to be annoying at worst, and juvenile at best. Unfortunately, ignoring them doesn't exactly seem possible when they are bombarding everyone with useless information.

The net is supposed to be a good place for intelligent discourse on any number of subjects. An avenue (no!! not the dreaded information superhighway references again!!!) for creative idea exchange, and not for the splattering of advertising over all different mediums of communication.

As such, we feel that it is much better served with a dish of ice cream, and a sense of humor.

Thank you.